Don't fret! it's only for a wee bit!

Hello! it’s mid year and so far so ‘GREAT’ ! All new additions to our shop section this year has been well received, even our N500 and under store has been a hit!

Last year we asked you for a survey on products we can stock and your feedback was tremendous. This year we will be doing the same.

Currently we stock:We are so ready for expansion and due to this we shall be on a hiatus for the whole of July, (though the online store will still be open for purchases through this period).  Also we would provide delivery and pickup options for only select purchases. Meaning only goods in stock will be sold off and all others would be on back orders till we resume fully in August. We do hope you understand.

We will be coming back bigger, better and more excellent in service.

To aid this process kindly help us to fill this form below on new items you’d like us to stock. (Your favourites will definitely be restocked)

You know we listen and aim to solve your DIY and hair care needs one product at a time.

Thank you so much for your support, referrals and most of all patronage! We love you and can’t wait to broaden our horizon.


Love and light,