product_reviewSince our inception we’ve gotten requests to review products from brands, so we do.  Recent surveys show that about 80% of shoppers now refer to check product reviews before purchase. Almost no one blindly buys things anymore. Everyone wants to see his or her money go towards something good and worthwhile.

A product review is an excellent way to give your potential customer unbiased information about a product she may be interested in purchasing. If a customer is undecided, seeing positive reviews may be what pushes him over the edge to click that “buy” button.

Having online reviews of your business will help  consumers find your brand and site amongst many competitors. Communities like us with a large targeted following  invest greatly in key words to help promote businesses. Your search engine optimization becomes improved and you business has the possibility of being ranked higher by search engines such as Google.


Naija Naturals has a reputation  of loyalty to its audience of over 50,000 women. We pride ourselves in providing useful tools and resources to our target audience of women between ages 14-50. We also provide information of products and give honest reviews on products and services in the market.


Do you think your product or service is great? or would you like to survey the market to know the tastes and preferences of your consumer? then simply send us a mail at  .Our team and ambassadors would review your product with honest feedback. If above average it would be shared on our website and social media pages as product of the week, at no cost!

However, in the event your product is deemed below optimal, we would send a mail to you personally explaining why we cannot recommend the service or product to our audience.