images-17Naija Naturals is the number one hair community and directory for Nigerians, we cater to both relaxed and natural hair. The goal of this community is to help women with their hair needs. All hair is good hair as long as its healthy and coming out of your scalp. We aim to encourage women to love their hair and depend less on extensions. This website features events, hair styles, tips, regimens, products and lots more!

The Naija Naturals Directory, was created to cater to the needs of natural hair and beauty enthusiasts in Nigeria. This Directory is dedicated to listing Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Establishments & Job Openings within the Nigerian hair Industry, nationwide.

As a community dedicated to the natural hair care movement in Nigeria, we have over time accumulated a combined following of over 1million Nigerians through our events, social media pages and networks. We have also received sponsorship from brands like Dark and lovely, Fayrouz, Unilever and recently Natures gentle touch. FIND OUT HOW TO WORK WITH US HERE

The Naija Naturals team is passionate about quality service and fair pricing. We aim to provide members of our community with expertise and value for money, hence all vendors on our board must go through a verification process.

The verification process involves inspecting of space for physical businesses, testing of products, testimonials, references and quality control check. This is to confirm the reliability of listed vendors.

We absolutely understand the restraints of verifying all businesses on the directory hence we have created categories for all vendors.

They are :

  1. NN LISTED: These businesses are just listed, perusal and exchange of cash are at owners risk. Naija naturals is not affiliated with these businesses in any way but are merely listed in our directory.
  2. NN ENDORSED : These are for vendors in which members of our team have received first hand service from, hence we can vouch for the delivery of their service, We’ve been invited over for reviews and are partners under our network.
  3. NN VERIFIED:  These are vendors that have gone the verification process and are equally up to standard. We thrive on customer feedbacks and testimonials, so these vendors have the opportunity of being endorsed if they get a feed back store of 8/10 from Naija Naturals referrals.



  1.  Advertisement of your brand to our target audience of women in Nigerian between ages 14-50.
  2.  Improved sales and customer retention.
  3.  Search engine optimization for all vendors on our board. (google our brand name and see).
  4.  First dibs on all naija naturals events with opportunities of sponsorship/ collaborations.
  5.  Notification on upcoming developments, trends and innovations in the hair and beauty industry.

Please note: There is a registration fee for all vendors. This payment is per year. The cost would be communicated to you as soon as we receive your notification of interest. However, be rest assured it’s a small token in comparison to the value to stand to receive from our network. We hope to have a lasting business relationship with you.



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